Oil and Acrylic Painting Classes
suspended December 1, 2016

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We live in many worlds – some seen, some as yet unseen. All is in continual
destruction and creation. Brushfire Studios was conceived as a creative
laboratory to explore connections between these worlds. It does not
recognize a difference between the physical and spiritual worlds. It
embraces “creative fire” as the element that holds matter, or thought-form,
together, and dissolves it and fuses it into new forms.

Old worlds are being absorbed as new worlds careen into view. New
possibilities are scouted and proclaimed in the arena of arts, through
images and sound. Change and transformation in all dimensions are
accelerated and illuminated by the heat and light of creative fire.

Brushfire Studios seeks to bring down creative fire into its moment of life,
to spread it by word and image. It responds to the soul-cry within and all
around, for healing through shedding the old and embracing the new. It
seeks to witness and add light to the sacred birthing of new worlds.

All subjects are fit subjects for art, as it is the heart of the artist that makes
the image have life and meaning. Brushfire Studios is at present focusing
on regional landscape, while “pushing the envelope” through paintings
that, through lack of a more accurate label, we call “abstract”. Figurative,
portrait, and expressionist images are developing.

Brushfire Studios recognizes its place in wider community, and painting
donations to a number of fund-raising auctions have contributed to worthy
Triad-area causes. Brushfire Studios will continue to seek ways of creatively
and positively interacting with communities of proximity, interest, and need.

Welcome to Brushfire Studios and please leave a message.

Best wishes – Jack Stone  
"Where Vision and Nature
come to play"
- Jack Stone, Founder
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"We Need to Talk"      

Painting and talking about paintingl
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Leakesville, NC, Mural
depicting early river trade.
Painted with Kitty Williams
as part of Bricolage Art
Festival 2006

Recent 2015-6 Work by Jack Stone:

Jack Stone is a fine art painter, and  
a teacher of painting with classes at  
The Creative Center
Unity Paintings
"The Twelve Powers of Man"
(see New Art page)

"House, Car, Universe"


The studio of Artist
Jack Stone
"Ancient Innocent"
Oil, 30" x 40"

"In Play"