I grew up in Baltimore, immersed in a rich multi-ethnic culture of heavy industry, refined
horse country, and the endless pleasures of Chesapeake Bay. Art was everywhere – in
architecture, schools, museums, libraries, homes – a rich and inseparable part of life. Art
and artistic ideas infused my life then as now.

My family had a small rural property north of the city, where we’d often spend weekends
working and playing outside. In the summers, we traveled extensively throughout our region,
the western US and Canada. Landscape impressed me at a deep level, and its endless
varieties are some of my favorite subject now, whether in studio or on site.

The year 1968-9 in Vietnam as a Navy Hospital Corpsman with the Marine Corps ended any
vestige of innocence in my world view. Looking back now, it seems that elite arrogance,
faulty assumptions, outright lies and poor planning combined with massive high tech
firepower have become an American character trait. The results for innocent non-
combatants on the ground are staggering beyond the imaginations of those who have not
lived it.

I studied art at the Maryland School of Art and Design, finished a BA in Journalism from the
University of Maryland and the MFA in Pai
nting and Drawing from the University of North
Carolina at Greensboro.

My influences are way beyond numbering and citing. I am inspired by ever-changing Nature,
all art, music, physics, spirituality, people, animals, movement. I am deeply grateful to all
teachers and supporters – human, animal, and Spirit – whether in family, institutions, work,
war, peace, or friendship.

I have enjoyed employment in a variety of fields, but have always felt drawn back to painting
as the one occupation that pulls everything together and gives me a sense of the possibility
of wholeness. Consequently, in the last
nine years I have focused mostly on painting. I have  
also taught art at all age levels, K-5 to age 95.

My wife, Paula, formerly a ballet dancer and teacher, is an aerobics and Pilates trainer. We
have three daughters, five granddaughters, two grandsons, a P
it Bull/Dalmatian girl, a Shih
Tzu boy, and a Calico cat girl.

My paintings to date have been purchased and collected primarily in the Mid-Atlantic region.