Oil and Acrylic Painting Classes
and Drawing Classes
Conducted at
The Creative Center
900 16th St. Greensboro, NC 27405
by Jack Stone
Brushfire Studios

Jack Stone, artist and founder of Brushfire Studios, has taught art in the Piedmont Triad area to
all ages from 5 to 95, in settings such as community colleges, retirement communities, private
classes and public school K-5.

He has helped students acquire skills in all media, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, ink wash,
charcoal, pencil, collage, and clay figures.

Please watch for updates on art classes with Jack Stone.

Oil and Acrylic Painting Classes
Suspended as of December 1, 2016

Learn the Language of Painting
Oil and Acrylic for Teens through Adults, Beginners to Semi-Seasoned

Teacher: Jack Stone

This is a six-week progressive course where you will learn how to mix and manipulate your medium,
build an appearance of 3D volume and space, and use selected colors and values to suggest the
presence and absence of light.

To begin with, we work from still life settings. Later you can use your own preferred photo
references. You will develop two paintings in this course.

“Painting” is a verb.
This suggests that a painting be active, and created interactively. A painter needs to actively observe,
all the time, and especially in the process of painting.

Our eyes see a world of illuminated forms, positioned in space. Painting depicts those forms, in their
light and space, on a flat surface. All subject matter and all style begins with this premise.

In Nature, color is revealed by light. In painting, light is revealed by color. Having some experience
with drawing provides a strong foundation of visual judgment. Drawing is to painting as melody is to
music. In this class, you will learn some drawing simply by painting.

A growing personal mastery with the painting medium will give your imagination a tool to express
many feelings.

Supply list will be furnished upon registration.

Classes will resume when enrollment holds at a minimum 6

Total each session: 15 hours. Location: The Creative Center

Fee: $140.00. Please pay by check one week before first class to secure place.

Register with Jack at 336-375-7568, 336-609-3675, or
Supply list and syllabus will be furnished upon registration.

Adventures in Practical Color #2 - To be offered in 2017

Oil and Acrylic painting is an art built upon craft. I will be continually providing
reliable information on the materials, techniques, principles, and some history of
our art.  This material will be factual, whereas the philosophical class discussions
can be more subjective and free-form. If this were an architecture class, I’d provide
all the current information I could about the physics of structure and materials
specifications. You could take all that and build a rotating glass skyscraper or a
small Tudor cottage – knowing that neither would fall down.

I put a high value on self-expression channeled through best practices. What I
convey will be my best recommendation at the time – others may differ – it’s always
subject to question, and I hope you’ll challenge it freely as it relates to your own
experience. We’ll talk about it and share ideas. Knowing some generally accepted
fact-based rules will inform your judgment about if and when to break them. My
view is the better we see, think, feel, and confidently paint, the more “romantic” it
becomes. The tools – and everything else – are always subordinate to your
personal vision, and you are your own best supporter and critic. Be authentic, and
all else will follow. I'm basically a coach.

For the current phase of “Adventures in Practical Color” I’m drawing from The
Artist’s Guide to Selecting Colors, by Michael Wilcox, School of Color Publishing,
1997. Mr. Wilcox has done a lot of exacting research and excellent presentation
design as an advocate for working artists, and I trust his integrity (Google his
output). In future classes we’ll do demonstrations to bear out the truth of his
suggestions (example: Mixing Cadmium Yellow Light and Cadmium Red Light will
make a Cadmium Orange to match a tube version).